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Professionally curated book lists, resources
and advocacy for neurodivergent folks.

Jenine’s Offerings

Discover resources and services to celebrate, empower and support neurodivergent minds.

Professional Consulting

Personalized guidance to support navigation of British Columbia, Canada’s applications for ASD financial supports. Employers learn how to make their Zoom sessions & workplaces more neurodivergent-friendly and inclusive.

Workshops & Webinars

Participate in interactive webinars & workshops led by a neurodivergent professional hell-bent on encouragement and community-building.
Upcoming events include entrepreneurial development, self-care & ASD diagnosis FAQs.

Curated Book Lists

From executive functioning and self-care to spectrum stories and entrepreneurial encouragement, find expertly curated books & resources to support your neurodivergent journey.

The Story Behind the Website

With over three decades of experience connecting people with information and each other, I am dedicated to celebrating, empowering and supporting the neurodivergent mind.


Explore professionally curated resources, attend our webinars, and consult with us.

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